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110 Livingston's Summer Blockbuster

Via the 110 Livingston blog?yes, the 110 Livingston blog?we found the latest addition to the website for the beloved Brooklyn development (comments still going!). Head on over and click on Testimonials, and you will be treated to a truly bizarre mini-movie featuring "buyers" who are really really pumped about someday living at 110 Livingston, and Two Trees Management in general. There are about a dozen amazing lines in the video ("When someone asks you where you're from, you say 'I'm from Brooklyn.' There's something to that."), but there is only one true star: The Linda Richman-like lady with the daughter(?) straight out of 1986 (above). We want to meet/marry her, if only to hear her say, "It's majestic. It's gorgeous." over and over and over again. This is a must-watch.
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110 Livingston

110 Livingston St, Brooklyn, NY 11201