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CurbedWire: Below the Stratusphere, One Brooklyn Bridge Park Opens, Disney Buying Spree!?

CHELSEAA tipster sees through the shill in yesterday's report on sales at The Stratus and suggest that things aren't as rosy as they seem. He writes,

The first two sets of units released were priced 15% below market - great for those who got them - the new blocks released are at market value - going to slow things down there greatly and wondering why they are so greedy they have alot of inventory to move still......... and they are going to hold most of the apts above 32 to the end - and guess what for these priced at market value the 2BR's 2BA at 1400 ft only have one sink in the MBR BA! And at those prices most of the apartments are going to have GE Monogram appliances and kitchen cabinets which look like someone wrapped them with cheap wallpaper...go check out the sales office not exactly high end probably because the developer is from Pennsylvania ... bring in a Manhattan developer Meanwhile, another tipster sent the photo above, noting, "check out the Stratus cantilever over that building on 24th street! Kind of odd. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before." [CurbedWire Inbox] BROOKLYN HEIGHTSSales began at previously anointed Development Du Jour One Brooklyn Bridge Park today and the verdict is expensive. A tipster reports from the scene, "$650 to $1200 a foot. And not even the prime located units. Three beds start at about $1.8mm. They have 445 units to sell, many at multi-million dollar prices. I don't get it." [CurbedWire Inbox]

HELLS KITCHENCrazy liquor-infused rumor of the week: "I was at Scruffy Duffy's (8th ave bet 46th and 47th) the other night and the bartender told me that their building has been sold to Walt Disney Co. According to him the whole block has been sold to Disney. They are moving out in four months." [CurbedWire Inbox]