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Old South Slope Salvation Army Store Gets Juicy and Green

The old Salvation Army Store on Fifth Avenue in the South Slope has a very new look. (The retail space in the new condo was the subject of a rumor that it would house a Baby Gap and the site still has "No Baby Gap" graffiti.) Sharp eyed photographer and photoblogger Sam Horine (aka f.trainer) noticed that a banner had gone up for the Five One Five Condo, so we went looking and sure enough, the result is what you see above. We're talking "Juicy Real Estate, Brooklyn-Style." Our new friend on Fifth Avenue is a green condo and the site talks about "natural and sustainable finishes" and a green roof "featuring planters filled with colorful succulents." The roof actually includes "Xpotential Sleepers...created from recycling scrap car parts." Then, there is bamboo flooring, rubber tiles made from renewable tropical rubber plants and Toto Plumbing Fixtures, which leaves us picturing a little dog from Kansas doing his business in a state-of-the-art bathroom on a green roof in Park Slope. Oh, and solar-powered outdoor lights. You can check out a photo of the building in process here. Colorful succulents, people!
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