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Greenpoint Magic Update: 110 Green v. 131 Huron War

The Greenpoint stories just keep coming and this one has all the makings of an epic battle, including a big name investor and pissed off neighbors. (We're thinking you can guess which building is playing David and which one's Goliath.) Maybe you saw the pic of the little flyer posted about 110 Green Street this weekend? The Dog Shit Queen of Greenpoint writes of the project in which Magic Johnson has invested:

Not only do the ten— yes TEN— surveillance cameras they have posted along Green Street offend the local populace (Mr. Johnson, if you are listening: this is Greenpoint, not Compton), but the noise is something AWFUL...The poor souls whose apartments are located in the rear of this building (or worse yet, the tenants of this garage apartment) have got to be going out of their fucking minds from the noise and lack of privacy.But that's not all. Apparently, the manager of 131 Huron is now taking 110 Green to court because the "tenants are going apeshit. Some want to move out." We have a feeling this smackdown is going to be one of those gifts that keeps on giving and giving and giving.
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