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Community Garden Siege Update: Stand Down! Museum Up!

Here's how amNY's Justin Rocket Silverman reports the end of yesterday's community garden standoff at East 110th Street and Fifth Avenue: "[One protester] eventually came down from the tree, and police peacefully cleared protesters from the garden. Bulldozers then flattened the shed and other garden furniture." Over at OnNYTurf, protester "Ellen" tells her side of the siege's end: "The standoff did not escalate as expected and no arrests were made, though many of the flower and vegetable beds were destroyed by heavy pickup trucks driving all over the garden... One gardener climbed a tree, but came down when a meeting with Scott Stringer and the gardeners was promised." (Scott Stringer! Peacemaker! Who knew?)

The protesters/gardeners aren't giving up, promising to file an injunction of some sort in court today. But as several tipsters reminded us, we'd recently shown off the planned design for the Museum for African Art (above left). Something that grand is going to be hard to stop with daisies, friends. And so the circle of life continues, condos and all.
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