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More Venue Madness: Knit Spared, Rififi Not?

After the Real Deal broke the news that 74 Leonard Street in Tribeca, home to the Knitting Factory, was up for sale, music fans assumed the Knit would be going the way of Tonic and Sin-é. A bit of good news to report: the Post says the Knitting Factory isn't going anywhere, at least not until 2010. Despite this, more places that hipsters hold dear might be undergoing drastic changes. Word comes from BrooklynVegan that the East Village's Rififi?home to burlesque, live comedy and the famed dance party Trash?is on the market. According to the listing (which gave us the fun picture above), there's a $300,000 fixture fee and the rent is $12,000/month. Surely if you were to just collect the loose cocaine particles floating around that place, you'd have the money in no time.

And that's not all! Bushwick concert venue/bar/junk shop Goodbye Blue Monday also might be getting a facelift. The club sent out this MySpace bulletin to its 1,228 friends:

we're looking for investors with expertise and vision who understand what we're trying to do here. the big, virtual picture. streaming, podcasts, live shows online, merchandise, sales and advertising. we can't do these things with two-dollar PBRs.

we're trying to build a kitchen, upgrade the backyard for summer shows and get the basement lounge and record store opened for the autumn. we're trying to purchase the building we're located in.

please repost!! we're looking for a future here!

They can't do it with two-dollar PBRs, but they can do it, apparently, via MySpace.
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