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CurbedWire: Bryant Park Goes Glassy, Jack Parker Site Throwdown in Tribeca, More!

Following Chumley's collapse, it's still a busy day on the CurbedWire...

MIDTOWN In NYC, if you aren't sporting the glass, you don't have any class. Thus, we weren't surprised when a reader emailed: "Looks like the Bank of America building (rendering, right) has started a trend at Bryant Park—all glass facades. The owner of the building to the south has decided to re-skin their building which is in progress, and word has it now 475 Fifth Ave. (directly across the main branch of the public library) is also going to have a face lift. Rumor also has it that KPF will be the masterminds, and are going to create something similar to their masterpiece on 42nd and 5th (which admittedly I like.) But what the hell?!? 475 Fifth is a perfectly nice 1925 building with some nice architectural details—will giving it an all-glass facade really do the neighborhood any justice?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

PARK SLOPE A special Curbed operative emails, "in relation to the carroll street appeal.... i dont have a photo of it, but on 17th st between 4th and 5th ave in park slope/sunset park (park park? sunset slope?) someone leaves 2-3 plastic bags on every other tree with a sign begging people to clean up after their dogs. very innovative." [CurbedWire Inbox]

TRIBECA A special Curbed correspondent was on the scene last night at a Community Board 1 meeting. The topic du jour was Jack Parker's mega-project that falls just outside the Tribeca Historic District close to the Hudson (right). Our correspondent reports:

From what i can gather the meeting ran long (6-9!) and the Jack Parker stuff did create a few dust-ups: 1) The Jack Parker site sits outside of the Tribeca Historic District, but it's in close enough proximity to its boundaries that the law compels them to monitor vibrations as not to disrupt the older buildings in the area.

Parker and Co. claim that they've been carefully monitoring the situation and that everything is on the up and up. The members of the Board don't believe it and have sicked the DOB on him to make sure that the monitoring is happening and that Jack Parker isn't blowing smoke up the Board's ass.

2) During a heated exchange, where the Board acknowledged that they had no real ability to curb or review the parker plans, a member asked if the Board could see a rendering of the new buildings. But the Board was rebuffed with a swift, "we don't have to share anything with you and we don't plan on going the extra-mile to please you."

3) Word has it that demolition pile-driving should be done within the year. This is the Board's real gripe. While this whole issue is covered in NIMBYism, they argue that the noise, congestion, etc cripples quality of life in the area. Thankfully the chairperson of the committee had the good sense to explain that since the Board has no recourse, they might as well try to expedite the demolition process and move on.

Looks like this project is ready to roll, full steam ahead. [CurbedWire Inbox]