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Bonkers in Yonkers

That was the subject line of an email to the Curbed tipline about the project seen above. What you are witnessing is not an illusion. It is, rather, British architect Will Alsop's first foray onto American soil, a project that, according to Architectural Record, "hopes to transform a long-unused power plant along the Hudson River in Yonkers, New York, into a sweeping residential complex featuring a museum, restaurant, and park." The details just get better:

The hulking 80,000-square-foot power plant will lose its two smokestacks and gain a large residential tower. A third of the 400 units will be luxury condos and the rest rentals, with some reserved for low-income residents... The $250 million project also calls for adding a contemporary art museum, located in a former switch-house, and a new apartment structure, nicknamed the “magic tower,” with a boxy upper portion balanced on tentacle-like stilts.Seriously, Will Alsop, where have you been all our lives? Your Google Image Search results alone have won you our eternal devotion.
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