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Ask Curbed: What About the All the Crap in the Hall?

And so we turn to our Ask Curbed Inbox, and to the issue of crap in the hallway and the neighbors that leave it there. A reader writes:

I have a question about your readers' experiences dealing with neighbors who leave all manner of junk in the hallways. In my case, I'm in a condo where a neighbor on my floor seems to consider the hallway an extension of her apartment. The dilemma is often what to do about the situation. Should I write a note to the neighbor or ask the Board to intervene? Will this create an enemy next door? Etc.Have a question for Ask Curbed? Send your question to, which is standing by for your tips and queries at all times. As for this question, we have total faith that someone, somewhere in New York City has stared this problem in the eyes and solved it, so check out the comments.
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