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Jean Nouvel Sees Your Floating Atrium, Raises You a Pool

Our friends at Arcspace (actually we've never met them, but we sound cool if we say we roll in their crew) put up a couple new renderings of Jean Nouvel's 100 Eleventh Avenue that we haven't seen before. So step inside the blinding eye of Chelsea and have a gander at "The Loggia," a semi-enclosed atrium where "fully-grown trees and beds of ornamental plantings, placed within the grid, will appear to float in mid-air." And at right, the outdoor portion of the mirror-canopied pool. About 24 of the pool's 70 feet will extend outdoors, the perfect amount for those who feel weird about peeing in the indoor portion. Anyone else catching a Star Trek Spring Break vibe from these?
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100 Eleventh Avenue

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