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BellTel Floorplans Set Free

Brooklyn's BellTel Lofts at 365 Bridge Street have been getting some favorable reviews, but one of our critiques has always been, dudes, where's the floorplans? We want to see what the developers did with that old phone company building, and it's not like we're going to head to the building and deal with the ol' hard sell, you know? Well, just because the sponsor won't give up the goods, it doesn't mean the Internet won't turn up some treaure. Flickr user streetshooter1 has 17 floorplans posted for perusal. They represent the units on floors 4-9, and if this heroic individual isn't connected to the BellTel Lofts in some sort of official manor, you'd better grab them while you can. By the by, Elliman's website is showing that a crapload of units are in contract already.
· Photo set: Belltel Lofts Layouts 4th-9th Floors [Flickr/streetshooter1]
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