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Development Du Jour: Urban Green

Location: 142 North 6th Street, Williamsburg
Size: 44 studio, one-, two- and three-bedroom condos spread over two buildings, with a garden in the middle
Prices: Released units range from $520,000 to $920,000
Sales & Marketing: Prudential Douglas Elliman
Lowdown: We finally know more about this flea market-turned-luxury development, so it's been hit with the coveted DDJ status. But just as soon as we introduce it into the Curbed fold, the Urban Green has already been dissected and absolutely buried by a Curbed reader who writes in with the rant of the week. Now, there are bigger crimes in the world then trying to sell apartments in Williamsburg for $700-$750/square-foot?and sure enough, two units are already in contract?but this is classic:

This is a great example of meaningless broker speak in the greater context of hipster bamboolzement. From the "Urban Green" development on North 8th St. in Williamsburg, we get this poetry: "Urban Green is perfectly located at the confluence of Wiliamsburg's two most exciting streets, Bedford and Berry . . ."

Huh. Where I come from, locals call a "confluence of streets" an "intersection." But I guess you can't call it an intersection if you're just talking about two parallel streets that don't intersect anywhere near the place you're talking about. In borker world, "confluence" must be the new "between."

In this particular development we also strip the term "green" of all relevant meaning. Again from the site: "This exclusive enclave of just 44 luxury condominiums matches urban sophistication with suburban greenery."

So this building isn't a LEED green building, not a building that pays attention to it's energy comsumption, indoor air quality, or overall environmental impact. It's a building that calls to mind a grassy median in the middle of a suburban cul-de-sac. Pretty Lame.

I think I like the artist flea market currently on the site better by a lot.

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