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Building Collapse Betting Pool: 275 Mott Street

Following last weekend's collapse of 290 Mulberry and yesterday's chimney disintegration at Chumley's (morning after status check: closed indefinitely, natch), one might naturally wonder which NYC building will be the next to go. A Curbed reader emails to suggest one candidate: "You might also want to look into the developing situation at 275 Mott Street. The city's Chief Engineer was there on Saturday because the vacant lot next door, being excavated for a foundation for another new building, seems to have undermined 275. A crack that (according to the super for the building) was six inches wide appeared in the building, which is on the south side of the vacant lot. They decided it wasn't in imminent danger—but on Sunday, the residents noticed that the front door to #275 now sticks. Just a day before, it was swinging freely."

That's 275 Mott Street on the left side of the photo above, braced against the building to its immediate north. Certainly no cause for concern! (Care to nominate other likely collapses around town? The betting pool awaits your call.)
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