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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Broad St. Bullies

Answers to Tuesdays reader questions below. If you've got a better answer, another question, or a revealing digital photograph, drop a line to leave a note in the comments. Thanks for playing.

1) Greenpoint: Looks like we've exceeded our Huron St. quotient. Nothing but steel and displaced dirt so far at 143 Huron, which our original querier says will be 6 stories and 12 units.
2) West Village: No word on the Pro Piano space at 85 Jane.
3) Chelsea: As for the gas station on 10th between 27th and 28th, the early word is "hotel."

4) FiDi: Downtown bully Swig Equities currently has 35 stories of condos planned for 45 Broad. And, if CB1 gives the go-ahead, there may be 12 more stories. According to last week's Tribeca Trib, Swig is hoping to de-landmark and tear down a wing of The Exchange, its much-talked about conversion project 25 Broad (right), and “transfer” that space to the top of 45 Broad. Good times ahead.
5) Greenwich Village: Ah, right, another McSam hotel at 76 E 13th St. So much McSam, sometimes we lose track. Says a commenter, "13th st. is going to be a god-awful. Put together Sam Chang, the baron of cheap hotels, with possibly the most hideously blind architect, Gene Kaufman, and we should have an eyesore that will last for ages or at least until the next nor'easter."
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