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Want a Role in Lower East Side, 10002?

[126 Rivington camera crew photo via Flickr user styer]

A one-bedroom rental apartment has opened up in 126 Rivington Street, and if this excites you because (A) it's the building that is home to Sugar Sweet Sunshine, or (B) like OMG you can finally live on the Lower East Side, then you just don't understand the significance of 126 Rivington Street. This is the famed walk-up tenement that was the subject of that legendary Times story back in January '06, which described the building as a Hell Square version of Melrose Place. The tenants all hung out with/partied with/slept with each other, to the point where they were rewarded with their own HBO pilot. Surely that pedigree is worth the $2,595 per month, right? There's an open house on Saturday. Bring condoms.
· Listing: 126 Rivington Apt. 6F []