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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Brick House in Alphabet City

Friday, we provided you with the details on this far east two-bedroom. Today, we reveal the listing and the listing price. Thanks for playing?excellent effort this week.

Listing: 735 E. 9th St. [Corcoran]
Asking: $1.225 million
According to our friends at Streeteasy, this shiny, lofty, EVill "two-bedroom" was listed at $1.4 million on March 15, only to be chopped to $1.2 million on March 27 and then raised to $1.225 million on March 28 (oops!). If Curbed commenters have their say (and, seriously, why wouldn't they?), there'll be some more chopping before the bidding's done. (Says one commenter who claims to have seen the apartment, "the ask is an absolute shock"). Nonetheless, some respect for the refurb, especially that crazy little brick-backed toilet. Commenter "Greg" gets the gold star this week for a savvy $1.22 million guess.
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