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On the Racked: JonesBoard Revealed in Noho, Condomania Closing, Imminent Sidewalk Collapse in Soho, More!!

And now, the latest from Racked, Curbed's new blog covering NYC's shopping scene from the sidewalks up. Big news day today—strap in.

1) Noho: Above, the JonesBoard—the mysterious scaffolding on the corner of Lafayette and Great Jones—is revealed to be an iPod ad. Looks like a temporary structure while construction continues on the lot, but in this era, "temporary" could well take us through 2012. Good times.

2) East Village: After breaking the story last week of Barnes & Noble's coming departure from Astor Place, Racked has an idea who might be taking over the space.

3) West Village/Upper West Side: Closing after 16 glorious years, Condomania on Bleecker Street. (Read the tearjerking letter from the CEO). On the far UWS, Westside Market plots a return to Broadway and 110th.

4) Soho: Given the spate of building collapses around town as of late, would you shop in a store with a VACATE DO NOT ENTER sign on the door and fine print warning of "conditions imminently perilous to life"? If so, you're not at all alone.

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