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Adventures in Shilling: Chelsea Stratus Edition

Stealing a page from our eaterly friends' playbook, Adventures in Shilling ponders rave reviews that look just a little too good to be true. Nominees to

Given the scintillating prose seen on the official website for the new development Chelsea Stratus (above), it's hard to figure why these folks would feel the need to shill at all. Yet last week, into the Curbed inbox came this little ditty, which made that day's CurbedWire:

I went there for an appointment on Friday March 30th. the sales office opened on the 29th, and everything released was sold! They released more apartments, up to approx 44 units and all have contracts out from what I understand. Shill probability: 84%

The claim was quickly debunked by a tipster whose analysis ran in CurbedWire the next day. So was that the end of that? Oh no. Because into the Curbed inbox this weekend came another gem. SUBJECT: Chelsea Stratus!!!! SUPER HOT CONDO!! Apparently sales at Chelsea Stratus 101 West 24th Street are super hot. Sales started Last Thursday and but Thur April 5th they had issued 6 Pricing amendments. This property has not even been advertised in the NY Times or elsewhere or even to the brokerage community yet. Talk about super hot! Rumor had it that by the second day of sales 30-40 contracts had been sent out. I am sure many more by now.

Shill probability: 99.3%

Anyone else as excited about the Chelsea Stratus as these folks? Do let us know!!!!!!
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