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Indie Rockers Pick Gowanus Stench Over Smith St. Starbucks

Musical opportunities are rare in the real estate and development business, except for Bowie and the Highline Festival and McCarren Pool, so when the chance comes to join rock and roll and real estate, you have to jump on it. So it is with the Brooklyn band Life in a Blender, which has produced an indie rock tome about the gentrification of Smith Street in Carroll Gardens called What Happened to Smith? Although the song is on their new CD, it was originally penned in 2001, long before the coming of Starbucks and American Apparel and some pretty high end retail. A taste of the lyrics: "I’ll wait it out by the Gowanus. I’ll wait for the scene to shift/I’ll take the stench of the canal/Over what happened to Smith." Which some will find amusing and with which others will take issue.
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