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Williamsburg's Edge Starts With Little Random Holes

If you'd passed by the freezing cold windblown site yesterday that will become Williamsburg's Edge--the project north of Northside Piers--you would have noticed a backhoe parked on the lot and small piles of dirt here and there. (Or, you might not have, given that it's one of the coldest spots in New York City on a cold, windy day.) That's because, as Williamsburg blogger INSIJS notes, the Edge kind of maybe had a groundbreaking last week. Well, at least, guys showed up with a backhoe and started digging holes. The beginning of The Edge or another tantalizing false start? As of yesterday, it looked like more holes are coming, and the permit for the first tower has been issued. Building No. 1 will be 29 stories and have 352 apartments. The overall Edge will clock in at 892 apartments and up to 100,000 square feet of retail. Maybe the workers are trying to decide where to put the first building?
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