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On the Scene of Chumley's Coming Resurrection

On Easter Sunday, nostalgia blogger Lost City dropped by to check out the post-collapse scene at Chumley's on Bedford Street, filing the above photos and this report: "The entrance door, which famously bears no name but only the number '86,' had been removed and the cavity was covered with plywood. A pile of no-doubt very old bricks sat nearby. Close by was a very intriguing, rusted metal object which looked to be an ancient fireplace grate (from the ruined chimney?). I tried to pick it up; it must have weighed 200 pounds at least. If it really is from the fireplace inside, it shouldn't be sitting out on the street where any common thief could take it." Per earlier reports, the famed watering hole will be closed a few months for repairs. Oh, and dibs on the grate.
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