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Noise Wars Update: Back Room's Wet T-Shirt Contest

[Photo via Flickr/chrisjames03]

If you've ever been to the Back Room?the once-cool speakeasy beyond an iron gate on Norfolk Street that Tim Robbins was an investor in, and where we saw Sean Penn peeing that one time?then you'd know that life must be hell for the people who live facing the alley that leads to the bar's door. As it turns out, you'd be right, it is hell, but at least the residents have started getting their kicks:

Residents of 104 and 106 Norfolk St. who face the alleyway where the 'Back Room' entrance is deal with a lot of noise. It bounces, back and forth, between the buildings to even the top floors. This "noise" is usually pretty manageable--college-y girls and the dudes who love them coming and going. No bigs. Sometimes, though, people think its 'exciting' to hang out in the alley, smoke, or make 5–6 calls telling their friends they're at "this secret bar that no one even knows about (!!!)". That's when they get wet!

A few of us, in both of these buildings, have spread the (totally juvenile) practice of throwing a glass or two of water out of our windows when this noise is just too much. To be fair, a warning is issued before said water is dumped. Most people scoff at the warning, which actually creates more noise (usually high-pitched laughs). Is this a public service announcement? If you're looking at an apt. in either of these buildings, beware. And if you're planning on visiting the Back Room, show some courtesy to those who face the alley.

Thanks! You're the best!

104-106 Norfolk St.

ps. It's enough that we live across from the monstrosity that is the
Blue building and Tonic is closing next week.

Looks like this development will help us answer that ancient Japanese koan: How many Murray Hillers can you fit inside Fat Baby?
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