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CurbedWire: Decorator Canned at Pomeranc on Allen, Starck & Shvo Set to Rage, One Hanson Clears 50% Sold

CurbedWire, our end-of-day rumor/random/roundup. Seen or heard something Wire-worthy? The tipline,, awaits your call.

LOWER EAST SIDE—An ill wind blows at Jason Pomeranc's spatel. Wires a special Curbed correspondent, "Dodd Mitchell, the LA based decorator, has been fired from the Pomeranc hotel project on Allen Street." [CurbedWire Inbox]

GRAMURRAY—Shake Shack is open, those new metal trees are in place, so now it's time for some fresh fencing for Madison Square Park (right). Will it be enough to corral the crowds? Nah, no way. [ddvo/Curbed Photo Pool]

GRAMURRAY—Emails a tipster, "Walked by the sales office of Gramercy Starck on my way to work this morning. They have set up some kind of large tent blocking off a lane of traffic on 3rd Ave, lots of 'event supplies' trucks around unloading. Also, as of yesterday they have bright orange Gramercy Starck signage on the front of the construction site." Indeed, friends: party tonight. Woohoo! Full report tomorrow. Brace. [CurbedWire Inbox]

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN—From the PR wire: "One Hanson Place reports sales of over 50% of its units. Please take a look at this iconic yet ultra-modern new residence in Fort Greene." Discussion underway at Brownstoner. [CurbedWire Inbox]