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Chelsea's Narrow 19-Foot Site Revealed as Greenhouse 26

Don't let it be said that we're not green-aware here at Curbed*, but it's not the fact that the building set to rise at 132 West 26th Street (left) is said to be New York's first green hotel that intrigues us. Rather, it's the tiny lot—a mere 19 feet wide—which we first took note of back in 2005 when architect Arpad Baksa revealed his plans for the site. Now, it's been revealed that the 19-story rail will be a hotel called Greenhouse 26, with completion set for spring 2008. This is gonna be a fun one to watch rise, especially if, pursuant to the latest green building techniques, all beams must be raised and installed by hand.
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* We held our breath during the writing of this post to reduce its carbon footprint to zero.