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Will Blackout Curtains Come with Karl Fischer Row Condos?

Going to be some bright, shiny nights on view outside the windows of all the pricey condos like the Ikon and the Aurora on Karl Fischer Row (AKA Bayard Street) along McCarren Park. That's because humongous "sports lights" are going in on the soccer field. A tipster writes:

This means megaton wattage shining in the windows of all the new luxury condos--one of which is supposed to be mine in a few weeks. I wonder if there are other buyers who are distressed at this news. I'm sure they're unaware of it. The sponsor's rep who met me there last week claimed to not know about it.Maybe they missed the huge sign with the drawings of the new light towers at the entrance to the park on Lorimer and Bayard and the fences that now surround the soccer field? Concerts at McCarren Pool and illuminated night soccer!
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