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Curbed BuildingCrasher: The New New York Times Building

Construction may not be finished, but that hasn't stopped the first NY Times staffers have from moving into their new Renzo Piano designed headquarters. Photographer Alan Miles, who snapped these pictures, reports, "I was in the New New York Times building where some Times staffers have been working since last Monday. It's still a big construction project but they are moving in. One of the odder/cooler features is that the building has "smart" elevators, where you press a button in the lobby indicating what floor to go to, and then you are directed to an elevator. There are no buttons to press once you're on the elevator." That seems to match with the prisony theme. (Also, for the record, the new Hearst tower beat them to this innovation.)

See, the buttons are in the lobby.

And there is nothing inside the elevator!

More from the lobby.

View from the 8th Floor looking north.

An interior staircase.

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