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What's Crawling Into Harlem's Box?

When we last left the insanity that is Vornado's Harlem Park project at Park and 125th Street, we didn't have many details other than the mind-exploding rendering (above; explosion!). Along comes Bloomberg (the news outlet, not the dude) to fill in some blanks. The 21-story, 640,000-square-foot tower will be for offices, obvs, making it Harlem's first new office tower in decades. Rents could dip under $50/sf, and about 11% of the building is already leased (whether that's to any private sector tenants remains to be seen). Said a Vornado exec, "We didn't want to build a boring midtown office building. We wanted to do something that fit contextually with the unique nature of the Harlem community.'' Well, it is unique, we'll give him that. Expect the shebang to be done in 2009. Also of note: The Harlem Park website has unveiled a snazzy new logo! Fun!
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