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New Brooklyn Neighborhood Blogs

Given that tonight's the annual gathering of Brooklyn bloggers know as the Blogfest, we figure this is as good a day as any to point out several new-ish Brooklyn blogs.

1) Prospect-Lefferts Gardens might have lost Planet PLG because the blogger moved out, but it's gained Son of Planet PLG. The blogger asks questions like why PLG seems perpetually destined to be the Next Big Thing, will have a "what the neighborhood needs," feature and more. [Son of Planet PLG]

2) Speaking of that part of Brooklyn, we're also looking at 163 Ocean. The blog has started out devoted to the blogger's old building, but we're thinking that it will grow. Even if sticks to dilemmas like this it will be interesting: "For five years, all of our roommates have had to share the one master shower, because the other one had absolutely no temperature control." [163 Ocean]

3) There seems to be a downtown Brooklyn-Brooklyn Heights-Cobble Hill-Boerum Hill focus to McBrooklyn to McBrooklyn, which is focusing on things like the ever-popular Brooklyn House of Detention. It promises "macro" and "micro" coverage. [McBrooklyn]