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On the Racked: DVF Secretly Opens MePa Flagship!

And now, the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Meatpacking: While absolutely no one was paying attention, Diane Von Furstenberg went ahead and soft-opened her new Meatpacking District palace last weekend: "Although customers are now allowed in, the space isn't completely finished, as the store's four VIP dressing rooms still need to be built." Plan accordingly (and click through for more pix).

2) Soho: While the rest of the neighborhood calmly goes about its business of self-destructing, the Broadway/Prince edition of Dean and DeLuca has signed a new 15-year lease on the space. And get this: they're thinking basement expansion.

3) Cobble Hill: There's nothing simultaneously sadder, and yet more joyously invigorating, than a shuttered Blockbuster.

4) Chelsea: Finally, live from the front lines of yesterday's debut of Kate Moss' TopShop line at Barney's: "At 11am, they raised the gate and all 40 plus of us filed inside, unaware of the disappointment that would soon follow." More on the massive joke that this event became, here.