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Magic's Greenpoint Bldg Gets Foul, Refuses to Go to Bench?

The trouble with celebrity real estate investors is that they bring a whole new level of attention to their developments. We don't know how big a story the troubles at 110 Green Street in Greenpoint would otherwise be, but there's a bit more interest in them with Magic Money involved in the building. Yesterday, as the FDNY and NYPD were on the scene investigating possible damage to the building next door, a Judge was apparently halting demolition work until the project goes to court next week. Meantime, we have a report that the pile driver at the site was getting its bang on at 7AM. So, is Magic refusing to go to the bench or is pile driving construction rather than demolition? Oh, the legalities of it all and the months and months of fun sure to come. Court appearances in the 110 v. 131 fight, by the way, are next week.
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