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Curbed PriceSpotter: Brooklyn Double Heights

PriceSpotter is our weekly development game in which we give you the details on a for-sale apartment and you Google your brains out to come up with a listing price. We kid. Nobody cheats at PriceSpotter. The risk is just too great. The big reveal tomorrow. Until then, have at it in the comments.

What/Where: 4BR Co-op Joralemon btwn Hicks/Willow
Square Feet: 3,000
Maintenance: $2,371
Bonus Deets: The living room has 25' ceilings. In some parts of the country, they call that a Great Room. Most of those GRs don't have WBFPs though. (Note also the guitar strategically placed next to the WBFP. Staging magic, baby!) Terrace and deck, plus a loft bedroom for the bad kid and a bathroom for every bedroom. Apparently there are also cobblestones on this stretch of Joralemon, but that remains unconfirmed as of press time.

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