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Tribeca Sales Report: No One Can Buy at One York

The Post directs the Home section spotlight on Tribeca today, taking a look at a bunch of the luxury developments that we've been keeping an eye on around these parts. And as a delicious treat, there's some fun sales info tossed in. Such as:

1) Enrique Norten's One York (double-shot, above): Last year, it was reported that 30% of the 40 units were sold. This year, the number is 40% sold, and the same dude bought 3 units for a combo job. Hmm. In One York's defense, apparently they closed the sales office in November because it was "selling too well." Uh, OK. It reopens soon.
2) Winka Dubbeldam's V33: Of the seven units, only one $11.9 million triplex remains.
3) Jason Pomeranc's Smyth: Since March, four of the 15 apartments in the condo-hotel have sold.
4) Mohawk Atelier: About a year ago, we said half the units in this Duane Street building were sold, and we spotlighted the duplex penthouse. That same penthouse is the only availability left. Wasn't anyone reading?
5) Tribeca Summit: This 65-unit conversion has had some trouble getting buyers to Ma Yo Mo, but allegedly 70-75% of the units have now sold. The $32.5 million imaginary penthouse is probably still floating around.

There you have it: One York was just too damn successful, and Tribeca Summit isn't a laugher anymore. Maybe.
· Tribeca Calls [NYP]

One York

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