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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) In Contract: $3 Million LIC Loft (89 comments)
"As for Arris...they have some of the coolest layouts and those huge apartments, while seemingly high priced now, will in 10 years time be worth 10 million."
2) Curbed PriceChopper: A Whole Bunch of Northside Piers (63 comments)
"maybe supply is outstripping demand in that neck of the woods? That possibly couldn't happen right? I mean EVERYONE wants to live in toxic williamsburg, right?"
3) 1BBP Penthouse Will Put Williamsburg In Its Place (53 comments)
"What the brokers above are saying about the view and the amenities is completely true. There's only one thing they are failing to point out. The building has a terrible location hard by the BQE. A total of six lanes of teeming traffic sit just feet away from the building, providing enough daily smog to give you lung cancer."
4) Trump's Hole to be Graced by Trump's New Tower (52 comments)
"I'll say it again, this is a city of towers. If every building had to pass your silly standard of "context" and "human scale" it would be a low-rise boreville."