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EXCLUSIVE: 184 Kent Design Makeover Revealed

Holy. Shit. Now that we've got that out of our system, what you're looking at it is a splendalicious new, never-before-seen street-level rendition of 184 Kent, aka the late lamented unlandmarked Austin Nichols Warehouse in Williamsburg. Here are some details about the New 184 that a special Curbed correspondent laid on us earlier today, starting with the fact that it will be a rental building:

· 358 Units (810 avg. rentable sf) with "loft-type" finishes, high ceilings, etc.
· Rents in the range of $52 - $58 per rentable sf (roughly $3000/month for 1BRs).
· Will add two additional stories
· Rooftop pool, landscaped garden on third floor courtyard, fitness center, blah blah blah
· Historic status will allow for significant (read: fucking huge) tax credits

We're so, like, still staring at the rendering that the only other thing we can ask right now is: Is that a Whole Foods-looking kind of retail space on the ground floor? Once more, with feeling: holy shit.
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184 Kent

184 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 Visit Website