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Coming Soon to Harlem: MINI-THOR!!

What we have here is the latest architectural creation from Grzywinski Pons, the wunderkind architects who gave to the world THOR. It's a new 12-story residential condo located at 408 East 118th Street (between First/Pleasant).

CityRealty has the scoop on the particulars of the 'texture: "It has a distinctive facade that is asymmetrical with a strong vertical emphasis." Well, that's one way of putting it. We're inclined to see it this way, though: it's MINI-THOR! Harlemites, run for your lives.
· Third Gryzwinksi Pons design for Upper Manhattan [CityRealty]

BONUS: In the same article, Matthew Grzywinski claims that the 116th Street self-cleaning building that we reported yesterday had been auctioned off is "moving forward." Which must mean something.