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Hole Situation Update: Castle Village Knew

Two years after a retaining wall at Castle Village slid into the Henry Hudson Parkway, and three months after they finally finished rebuilding the freaking thing, it's time to dole out the blame. Reports the Post:

A nearly two-year probe of the collapse at Castle Village in Washington Heights determined that the managers of the apartment complex and an engineering firm brought in to examine the wall knew the structure was at imminent risk of falling. The Board of Inquiry report, obtained by The Post, also determined that the engineers and property managers failed to declare an emergency to the city even after watching the 65-foot-high wall move 9 inches away from the hillside in less than a week.And now, the punchline: "Castle Village was fined $800 by the city." Justice, sweet justice.
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Castle Village

140 Cabrini Boulevard, New York, NY