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Mr. Brach, Tear Down This Finger!

[Photo via Flickr/TresspassersWill/Will Femia]

Williamsburg's controversial Finger Building on North 8th Street almost seems quaint now, given the hulking glass towers being constructed nearby in the 'Burg. Still, that's not going to stop this case from further evolving into the blood feud of our times. Even though a judge has already capped the building at 10 floors instead of the planned 16, Finger plaintiff Scott Spector isn't stopping there. According to The Architect's Newspaper (via The Real Deal), Spector still wants the whole thing knocked down because of the building's violation of his air rights. Apparently he also wants to take down architect Robert Scarano, no stranger to complaints. This has been a rough patch for developer Mendel Brach?a very rough patch. If you pass him on the street, try to avoid the dishing out of noogies.
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