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Hyatt Goes Hindi With Peter Som Collection

This one was hanging out below our radar a little, that is, until now. Last Sunday, the Times Travel section reported on Andaz, a new kinda-sorta boutique hotel brand from Hyatt. The first two New York outposts should be of interest to Curbed readers. The first will open in 2008 at 75 Wall Street, where Andaz (Hindi for "personal style") will operate on the lower floors, and condos will be on the top floors. The building was bought from JP Morgan Chase for $175 million at the tale end of 2005. The second Andaz will open in 2009 at none other than 485 Fifth Avenue, the failed Peter Som-designed condo conversion that Hyatt scooped up several months ago. So what can we expect from an Andaz:

Billing Andaz as “not pretentious and without attitude,” the company says in a press release that it will offer “a highly functional environment characterized by sophistication, innovative design, local identity and casual elegance” — hardly a down-to-earth description. “We are calling it casual luxury with service,” said Katie Meyer, vice president for corporate communications at Global Hyatt. “We want guests to feel like they are at home in a relaxed and uncomplicated environment.”

And so, she said, the entry will not a “lobby” but more like a “living room,” and will not have a front desk. Instead, guests will be checked in by “hosts” with a P.D.A. device and then be handed a key card.

Almost sounds like what 485 Fifth was supposed to be in the first place. Well, except for that not pretentious part.
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75 Wall Street

75 Wall Street, New York, NY