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In Avalon's Loving Shadow, Liz Chrystie Garden Grows

An urban garden happy ending: the Liz Chrystie Garden, located on the plot of land on East Houston between Bowery and Second Ave., not only survived the construction of the Avalon Bowery to its immediate north but is benefiting from it. A recent Curbed drop-by found the garden busy expanding into previously unused space; apparently, the garden had always owned this far-easterly plot of land, but is only now developing it thanks in part to funds donated by Avalon. (A garden rep told us there might even be a waterworks component to this new patch of green.) For a garden that once thought the coming of new development might mean the end (or at least the end for a few blossoms) before its reopening earlier this year, it's quite a redemption tale.

Looking east, with Houston to the far right.

Looking west down the path into the existing west end of the garden.

One block north, Avalon III (left side) continues its meteoric rise. Note the glass already installed on one of the lower floors.

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