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Have Some Crest: Novo Park Slope's Friend Joins the Party

We've waited and waited to see what the Boymelgreen Developers building at Second Street and Fourth Avenue would become when it grew up and came out to play with the Novo Park Slope down the block. Now we know. It's the Crest on 2nd St.! And, it has "new-modernist architecture that blends the hip and the historic." Okay, sure. The neighborhood marketing langauge, meanwhile, features (of course) proximity to the Brooklyn Academy of Music and, curiously, the Brooklyn Museum and Brooklyn Botanic Garden, both of which are an invigorating long, uphill hike from the Crest. The site also credits Boymelgreen with being a "visionary" and partner Isaac Katan as "an innovator with foresight." No prices or floorplans yet.
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