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To All Those Who Say Greenpoint Stinks, You're Right

["Fart Cart" Idiotarod 2007 photo via eva101/Flickr]

During the week, emails are all business, business, business. Landmarks this, air rights that, property values the other thing. It's during the weekend, like, say, this past Saturday, that the real problems?the ones that strike at our very core?reveal themselves:

Greenpoint has smelled like farts for 2 days now....and it's not me. I've lived in this neighborhood and never noticed it as badly as I have in the last 2 days. Should I call 311? Should I realize I live in a toxic neighborhood and deal with it? Are there any other Greenpointers noticing this? Is anyone wondering why and if this stench might be bad for us? I really want to open my windows as it looks to be a gorgeous day with a light breeze, but it really smells too bad! Urgh.

We just conversed with a Greenpointer, who confirmed the claim. Her response: "Toxic Brooklyn strikes again. I did notice it this weekend, but it just smells like that from time to time." Sadly, we recommend that you just accept your fate, as much as it stinks (ba-dum-dum).
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