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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: ScarJo in Chelsea?

1) Her downtown neighbors are sick of her chain smoking, so Scarlett Johansson is on the move, but where? Reports have her linked to a one-bedroom penthouse in the Chelsea Club on West 19th Street. The $1.95 apartment has elevator service direct to the garage, a must for any celeb worth her salt. It seems like a smallish place for a star, but there's two terraces, so she can smoke all she wants. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]

2) Speaking of women who won't return our calls, mactress (hey, Taxi count, OK?) Gisele Bundchen is, like, so over LA. She sold her $4 million Hollywood Hills home and is now living full time in New York, perhaps on Bedford Street. [LA Times via Orlando Sentinel via The Real Estate]

3) Remember that East 62nd Street townhouse Madonna was in love with? She bid a whopping $25 million for it. Too bad it's listed at $35 million. [Deeds and Deals/Observer]

4) You know who's kinda awesome? Ellen Barkin. Here, she tells More magazine about her West 12th Street townhouse?the one with the evil fence: "It's beautiful, but I'd rather have an apartment, quite frankly. I don't like being responsible for a house. I don't want to shovel snow. I want to pick up the phone and say, 'My bathroom is leaking' and hang up." And on her garden:"I'm a New Yorker. I wouldn't care if I never saw a tree again in my life." [Keil]