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On Hudson Yards' Dizzying, Dark Strategic Framework

Above, the draft conceptual land use for Hudson Yards, as seen in a PDF from the Hudson Yards Development Corporation we've been curling up in bed with as of late. (Go ahead and download the PDF yourself—it's well worth your time. Power Point at its best.) We'd seen some of the images—all of which, it must be stressed, are merely ideas, concepts if you will, to be bent to the public's taste—before, but the document is packed with strategic ideas and visions that we hadn't yet laid eyes on. We've gathered a bunch of them for your perusal, after the jump.

But before we get there, now that we've had some time to digest the document, it must be said: Jesus, this plan sucks. The open space component, in particular, is doomed to live in a canyon between towering developments. Given what would surround it, it's hard to even get worked up about saving the northern third of the High Line for posterity. Honestly, a freaking stadium would have let in more sunlight.

Let's stop here for a moment and really appreciate the above illustration. The sheer genius of comparing the entirety of the western parcel (and all requisite development) alongside other genuine open spaces is nothing short of inspired.

· HDYC Draft Strategic Framework [, PDF]
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