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On the Racked: Sandals in Nolita, More 'Bux, TopShop Eyes Manhattan, & Jackson Heights Gets With FreshDirect

And now, the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Nolita: Above, plywood on Elizabeth Street, where footwear purveyor Rainbow Sandals preps for a summer open. Racked's take: "Will the store float, so to speak, in the city? Well, they're one of the top three best-selling sandal brands in the country alongside Reef and Teva, so we'd say yes."

2) Upper West Side: Another day, another new Starbucks.

3) Manhattan: Can one get enough TopShop mania? No, one cannot. So let it be noted that the retailer plans to open three outposts in Manhattan in the next nine months. Per Elliman's indefatiguable Faith Consolo, the contenders have been narrowed down to Midtown, Meatpacking, and Soho. One for each? Sure, why not.

4) Jackson Heights: big news for the little neighborhood that could: Jackson Heights now merits the glory of FreshDirect delivery!