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High Line Construction Chronicles: New View of André

It's been awhile since the Friends of the High Line updated its gallery of High Line construction photos, but an email blast from the group yesterday did include the above tantalizing image—the first view we've seen of André Balasz's High-Line-straddling Standard Hotel from the 'Line itself. And in case you missed it, from Adam Sternbergh's High Line cover story for NYMag last week, here's the latest word from André on his vision, final renderings for which still elude us:

In his ideal vision, Balazs will offer his guests direct access through a stairway from the hotel to the park—though the details of who can or can't build entrances to the High Line, and what exactly those entrances might look like, and whether you can put patio chairs or café tables out on the High Line grounds, are all still being hashed out with the city. But Balazs is confident he'll get his staircase. "This is going to happen," he says.· The High Line: It Brings Good Things to Life [NYMag]
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