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On the Market: Rub-a-Dub Love in Dyker Heights

This three-floor megahome in Dyker Heights certainly has a unique look. For just $2.56 million, you're getting six bedrooms, five fireplaces, an indoor elevator and a 25-foot waterfall(!). And that's not all! Check out those terraces, which are topped by a roof deck "large enough to host a wedding!" And best of all, you won't have to go far for the honeymoon. More from the Halstead listing: "Four custom made baths where only the finest materials were used, incl. a master bath with a tub in the shape of a huge heart complete with a Jacuzzi, sauna & steam room." That heart tub must be part of the "unconditional love" the listing mentions. Streeteasy shows this house was listed on March 2nd, of 2006, with nary a pricechop in sight. What, no one wants to get married?
· Listing: 8423 Tenth Avenue [Halstead]