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CurbedWire: Beyonce in at On Prospect Park?, High Line 519 Still Available, Flying Debris!

PROSPECT PARKRandom rumor alert! Has the Richard Meier name lured celebrities to his new Prospect Park development? A tipster reports, "People around Pro-Ho are saying that Beyonce just bought a place at 1 Grand Army Plaza." [CurbedWire Inbox]

CHELSEAThings at Lindy Roy's High Line building may not be as rosy as we thought earlier today. A tipster emails, "I hear from a reliable source there are five units still unsold in the building, including penthouse." Brokers are standing by, probably. [CurbedWire Inbox]

BUILDING COLLAPSE BETTING POOL—Gothamist documents some of the chaos this afternoon's windstorm unleashed on an unexpecting city: wall collapse in Queens, scaffolding collapse in Tribeca, and some sort of "falling debris" on the Lower East Side. [Gothamist]