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Bedford Ave. Fun: Work Sort of Underway on Big Project

You know that block between Bedford Avenue and Berry Streets between N. 3rd and N. 4th Streets that has been partly demolished and partly in demolition for more than a year? Well, work is going on again, as noted by the special Curbed Billyburg correspondent who sent the photos above. Paperwork's been filed for a "5-story multiple dwelling consisting of 75 dwelling units" with more to come about "2 towers and 16 townhouses." The remaining two properties on the block have also changed hands recently. So, it looks like Quadriad Development is on its way to working on the big project it would like build on the property. The Bedford Ave. side of the development would be 5-7 stories. Some townhouses would go on N. 3rd Street. One of the highrises could go at N. 3rd and Berry. Other towers were originally planned for the location of the buildings that were recently sold, but community sources say the developer hasn't related a lot more detail about the project yet. Highrises, of course, would require upzoning the downzoned block. Oh, and the name of the architect that has popped up on recent documents is Henry Radusky who has a sort of cult following in Brooklyn.
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