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How Much For a Shattered Schrager Dream? $200 Million

It's official. The ink is dry on the deal that is sending the clock tower at 5 Madison Avenue into the clutches of mad moneybags Lev Leviev (our Israeli father tells us it's pronounced leh-VY-ev). The final cost? $200 million. For those who were wondering if the building would push on with the SL Green/Aby Rosen/Ian Schrager conversion plan or revert back to office space, the SL Green press release offers a somewhat cryptic clue:

Mr. Holliday concluded, “We look forward to seeing Africa Israel bring the redevelopment project to fruition in such way that New Yorkers will continue to view the ‘Clock Tower’ as one of the City’s true architectural gems.”See you on the rooftop bar, 'round July 2010?
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