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Another Vacant Duplex in 740 Park; Earth's Orbit Stalls

The most important co-op in the known universe, 740 Park, is undergoing a transition period. Last year, a duplex opened up when its owner?Vera Wang daddy Cheng Ching Wang?died. Despite the broker-heavy funeral, that apartment has not hit the market. Now, as noted by the Observer's Max Abelson, another duplex has opened up due to the snuffing of life force. Specifically, it's unit 4/5A, owned by Mosler Safe heiress Janet Coleman, recently deceased at 89.

According to 740 Park historian Michael Gross's website (which provided us with that original 1929 offering plan pic that's above), the Colemans moved into the building in 1964. Mosler Safes, Gross writes, actually installed the building's basement vaults before the Colemans moved in. What, your building doesn't have basement vaults? As the heavy hitters salivate over the potential listing?remember, the last opening in the building sold for $19.1 million? we direct you to the floorplan for Apartment #6/7a, which is identical to Coleman's.

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